Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner Review

Greetings, my good people of the Internet world.

A couple of weeks back I spotted a mailer from MSMBox announcing the launch of a new line of skincare, and I had just received my salary the same day (yes, I’m practically a pauper by the end of the month) so I jumped at the opportunity and ordered me some love from Kronokare’s new aromatherapy range featured on


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Bihar’s Prodigal Daughter: The Dubious Case of Ruby Rai and the Topper Scam

Guest Post by Priyanka Dutta

The arrest of Bihar’s Class 12 Humanities phony topper, Ruby Rai, is not the sensible way of addressing the quandary of hooliganism and corruption in the Bihar education system. She is not the real culprit who made herself the topper; it is rather the people who have set in motion these wrong underhand ways of buying the top slots in the education system who are the real perpetrators. True, she had the means of buying; but what does it say about those who are in a position to sell it to her?

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