Kronokare Polish The Blemish Face Scrub Review

I was first introduced to the brand Kronokare through a monthly subscription service My Envy Box when I received, for the first time, the Kronokare Provencal Lavender Smooth(Ening) Operator Body Lotion. I wasn’t much into luxury skincare before being introduced to this French skincare brand.

When I spotted a mailer from the brand announcing the launch of a new line of skincare, and I had just received my salary the same day (yes, my good people of the interweb, I’m practically a pauper by the end of the month) so I jumped at the opportunity and ordered me some love online from There was an introductory offer going on that with the purchase of 100 ml Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner Mist one would receive a travel-sized Kronokare Kronokare City Detox Face Wash absolutely free. Freebies make me happy so the following purchase ensued.

I ordered Kronokare Polish the Blemish Face Scrub along with Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner (Read review Here) from Kronokare’s new Aromatherapy range and have used it a couple of times in the past fortnight.

Description by the brand: Our kaolin based face polish is enriched with beetroot extract and vitamins to feed your skin. All the goodness your epiderm needs. So, go on scrub it in!

Direction for use: Massage a dime size amount onto wet skin. Rub gently in small circular motions. Rinse with warm water. Gently pat dry.

Ingredients: Kaolin Light, Glycerine, Quartz Micro Beads, Essential Oil Ylang Ylang, Essential Oil Lavender, Essential Oil Neroli.

The scrub comes in a sturdy black plastic tub with a black cap. The scrub is in the form of a thick gloopy white paste in which the scrub particles are densely suspended. The granules are minute hence not very harsh on the facial skin. Think of it as a microdermabrasion session at home. The paste is very smooth and applies evenly on the skin. I pick up a bit of the scrub with help of a wooden spatula (not included with the product) and follow the directions and scrub it in circular motions with a very light hand. After scrubbing for about 2 minutes, I leave it on for another minute and wish it off with warm water.

Post usage, my skin feels very smooth which I presume is the effect of the kaolin clay and glycerine. My skin feels hydrated unlike other clay based face scrubs which makes my skin feel dry and stretchy . The essential oil aroma stays for about half an hour as I top it off with the face toner from the same brand. It feels like having a quick face spa at home.


I have used it once a week for a month and I can’t say that it has helped fade small blemishes on my face as I don’t have any but I’m sure with continued use it will improve the texture of the skin on my face. I happy with the fact that it adds a instantaneous and temporary glow to my face along with the soft feel and that is all I expect from a face scrub. The price is a bit steep, which can be justified since an all natural brand, but I wish there was a tad more product in the tub for this price. Overall, I’m glad to include this in my regular skincare regime.


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