Diwali Skincare: 5 Quick and Easy Tips to Look Gorgeous this Festive Season

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Diwali is less than a week away and it is time for celebration for Indians all over the world. The Festival of Lights reveals a joyous vivacity, a power to win against all odds and quell the negativities in life. We are a race of people who are obsessed with celebrations, shopping and caring and devising new ways of rejuvenating ourselves and making sure that we shine bright like a diamond.

Here are five easy and effective steps for a healthy and attractive Diwali:

1. Natural skincare remedies are the best, and applying homemade facepacks is a great way for exfoliating the face and extremely helpful in achieving a glowing and radiant skin.


For oily skin use a simple tomato mask; make tomato pulp and evenly apply it on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes then wash with lukewarm water. For dry skin, a banana puree and honey mask applied for about 20 minutes restores the necessary hydration as bananas are made up of 70% water. For normal skin, a simple besan-haldi-yoghurt mask should work wonders. Combination skin beauties can go for a combination of any two of these masks and apply accordingly on different parts of the face and neck, as required.

2. Cleaning and exfoliation are an important part of the skincare routine to slough off dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin underneath but moisturizing plays a major role in maintaining that radiance. The sudden weather change makes the skin prone to dryness and breakage. So regular use of body oils during bathing and moisturizing is a must.

Aroma Oil in Bottles with Lavender

Essential oils like lavender, rose and orange are immensely beneficial; use only a few drops mixed with almond or coconut oil before applying. Don’t forget to oil your hair with coconut oil mixed with a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Also, scrubbing once every week is necessary for cleaning the dead cells and preserving the healthy glow. Try an oatmeal and milk scrub for the body to reveal soft smooth skin.


3. Getting a manicure and pedicure before the festive season is a must for all girls; but our busy lifestyles are always a deterrent. Home-made manicure techniques are a great money saver as it saves us from wasting tons of money at the parlours.

First step for home manicure is regular moisturizing. Also scrubbing is a requisite for manicure; so create a blend of honey and sugar granules. Next, mix 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of mouthwash. Fill a tub with warm water and pour the concoction; you may also add aromatic essential oils of your choice. Relax your feet in the tub for half an hour or more and watch the wonders it does to your skin.


For your hands, take some malai (milk cream) and half a spoon of sugar and rub it gently on your hands till all the granules disappear. Then soak hands in lukewarm water and then apply the oatmeal scrub pack on the hands and feet and let dry. The scrub should be cleaned with lukewarm water in about 15 minutes time and pat dry. Next, file the nails accordingly and apply a vibrant nail colour. We girls can’t help but sparkle during the Diwali.

4. Dark circles are a cause of constant worry for many women, which seems to amplify during the festival season. Hence a very potent home-made remedy for the dark-circle is frozen raw potato. Soak two cotton balls in potato juice and apply on the dark circles. Relax for about 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. Repeat twice or thrice daily for a few days to yield superb results.


5. Modern hectic lifestyles have caused our body to be a source of stress and toxins. Keeping oneself healthy and beautiful is the key to having a dazzling Diwali. Since it is a time of relentless work and festive preparations, therefore, always remember to drink plenty of water/lemonade/soup/green tea and eat light meals at proper intervals to keep the body strong and hydrated. Junk food and excessively oily and spicy food should preferably be avoided to get that festive glow and you can make the mohallah guys go crazy with your grace and charisma.


Did you find this post helpful? I would love to hear about it. Also, if you have any comments, thoughts, and suggestions regarding my post or whether you would love to continue reading them in the future feel free to comment below.

À tout à l’heure, lovelies and wish you a very happy Diwali.


Image Source: Featured12345

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