Fab Bag Unboxing and Review for August 2016

Hello lovelies,

Today I have decided to review The Fab Bag for the month of August, 2016. This is not the first time that I have subscribed to this service. It has been over two years since I received my first Fab Bag (if I remember correctly it was back in May 2014). My blog is still in its nascent stage and with the job and the new life I have been quite irregular with writing. But I wish to get back to regularity and promise to post more often and include greater variety. Now, on with the review.1

The Fab Bag is a monthly beauty and grooming subscription service which deliver 4-5 full-sized or sample-sized products each month in a pretty bag. This month’s bag is a retro colour-blocked black and purple with purple polka dots, which reminds me of my grammy’s Bobby-print sarees (So cool!). The bag itself demands a separate post dedicated to its designs and versatility. More on that later.

Each month the products are chosen acording to a theme. The theme for this month is “WHAT THE CHIC”. This month I received 5 products in total, two of which are normal sized samples, two deluxe sample and one full sized item of makeup. The list is given below:

1. Geri G Blending Cheek & Eye Duo (Full Size: 2500/-)

2. Just Herbs Kumuda Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash (545/- for 200ml)

3. Kronokare Anti Turm(Oil) Repairing Hair Oil (2875/- for 500 ml)

4. Natural Bath And Body Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Mask (325/- for     100ml)

5. Livon Serum Sachets (215/- for 100ml)


I was sent a mail at the beginning of this month to choose from a selection of Geri G makeup from the options of foundation, mascara, lipgloss and blush. This is a line brought to us by by Hollywood MUA Geri Giagnorio and newly introduced in India. I chose the Geri G Blending Cheek & Eye Duo as I was on a lookout for a blusher/bronzer for a natural flushed “no-makeup” makeup look. A quick Youtube tutorial confirmed my choice and I am happy to say that I loved my choice. The duo has two compartments of finely milled powder pigments, one of them a peachy blush shade and the other a light brown bronzer shade with fine gold and silver pigments which leave behind a warm glow when dusted on the cheeks, forehead, eyelids, and under the jaw. The fascinating thing about this duo is that this doubles up as an eyeshadow. Mind officially blown!

Geri G Blending Cheek & Eye Duo swatch
Geri G Blending Cheek & Eye Duo swatch

Kronokare Anti Turm(Oil) Repairing Hair Oil claims to repair and restore the health shine of the hair destroyed by daily exposure to pollution. Gives a warm feeling to the scalp when applied. I like that it is not an overnight hair oil treatment but a rather quick 15 minute one so that a busy woman can fit this into her schedule. The lavender essential oil scent is the most dominant over the peppermint and geranium which makes me reminisce about my girlhood days of champi with Keo Karpin hair oil. The oil is quite expensive and think I can manage a couple of uses out of it before I give my final verdict.


Natural Bath And Body Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Mask is something I was very excited to try. the mask is in a clear yellowish brown gel form with some brown scrub particles which is non-abrasive. I am not super happy about the citrusy scent though; it reminds me of those clear artificially scented craft glue we used in school for projects. I have used it only once and I wish to do a separate review on this after a couple of uses as the sample is decently sized. I have high hopes for this as I have used a couple of products from this brand which I like and repurchase quite frequently, especially the Natural bath and body whipped cream. More on that in a separate post.

Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Mask
Grapefruit and Vitamin C Gel Face Mask Swatch

Just Herbs Kumuda Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash is a decent shower gel, quite runny in consistency and smells kind of citrusy with a faint whiff of sandalwood and fresh cut leaves. Gives a clean feeling when used in the shower. I only wish the fragrance lasted a little longer on the skin.


Lastly, I’m happy that Fab Bag has decided to include the Livon Serum sachets to try (I don’t mind a few bonuses). This is not a newly launched serum but the company claims it has new lightweight formula. the old formula saw me through my college days when Livon was the only brand selling hair serum but I have now over grown it for good (not a fan of mineral oil based serum). However, I will give it a try on one of my short trip to my folks place as I’m not a fan of lugging huge heavy bottles of serum (Packing light is key, people).

Geri G Blending Cheek & Eye Duo swatch blended
Geri G Blending Cheek & Eye Duo swatch blended

Fab Bag has upped their game since last year by deciding to include at least one makeup product each month, preferably a new launch. I was such a dodo when it came to trends in makeup which has significantly improved since I joined this subscription. I love this month’s bag and i feel it is value for money as the bag is priced at only 599/-  for a single month and the products are valued at 3000/- approximately. You can save more on a longer subscription of 3, 6, or 12 months. If you haven’t tried this subscription I suggest you do so at least this month as you get to choose your exclusive Geri G makeup on a confirmed subscription. Fab Bag is also offering a 10% off coupon for your first Fab Bag if you sign up with this exclusive link. Click Here

What did you receive in your Fab Bag this month? Let me know in the comments below. If you have tried any of these products or Fab Bag subscription I would love to hear about your experiences.

If you wish any of these items to be reviewed in detail or have any questions or thoughts regarding my review feel free to comment below. Also, comment below if you have any thoughts and suggestions and whether  you would love to continue reading such reviews.


P. S.: This is not a sponsored post and I have purchased this subscription with my own money. The views and opinions are my own.


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