Lady Belinda’s Mini “StudioWest” Makeup and QVS Accessories Haul from Westside

Greetings my lovely creatures,

I was able to manage some time away from the tea parties and card games last weekend so I decided to visit this lifestyle establishment called “Westside” where I gave in to my whimsy and purchased a few knick-knacks.

Here goes the list in no particular order.


The first thing which intrigued me was their line of moist satin-finish lipsticks from the Studio West Pure Passion Irresistible Lipstick range. I purchased two, in the shades ‘Tender Rose 203’, a lovely deep rosy pink with a hint of red, and the other, ‘Almost Nude 602’, a mauve-nude shade close to my lip. The lady assisting me at the counter assured me that the colour would last around 3-4 hours on the lips but would retain the moisture. It has a balmy texture and I imagine the darker shades can be sheered out to give a lovely hint of colour. (Price: 295/- each)


Next, the StudioWest Radiance Aloe Vera & Green Apple Deodorant Body Spray which smells exactly like sweet green apples with the added freshness of aloe Vera. The sweet shop assistant lady said if I loved fruit cocktails I would surely like this scent, and Lord knows I love me some mojitos.


Since I was on the lookout for a dark brown liner so my eyes could take some time off from black liners and kohls, the SA lady presented me an automatic pencil liner, Studio West Pure Passion Eye Liner in the shade ‘Espresso Delight’. The tester was all dry and crumbly and broken at the base but it drew smoothly on my hand when I checked it once I reached home. (Price: 295/-)

Here are the swatches (left to right): Espresso Delight, Tender Rose, Almost Nude.

IMG_20160601_145916 (1)

I stayed away from all the pretty shades of nail colours as I own way too many at the moment so I only choose to buy a top/base coat, the Studio West Pure Passion Vivid Nail Colour in shade Clear Gloss-660. (Price: 145/-)


I travel frequently so I picked up a pack of two transparent bottles from the brand QVS to carry my own shampoos and lotions in them. I’m not awfully fond of the soaps and lotions provided at hotels mainly because they come from unknown origins.


The last item was a pack of two cotton velour puffs, also by QVS, the size that would conveniently fit inside my vanity and pressed powder container.


So here I come to the end of my tiny haul.

If you wish any of these items to be reviewed in detail or have any questions or thoughts regarding my haul feel free to comment below.

If you have tried StudioWest cosmetics or QVS accessories I would love to hear about your experiences.

Also I would love to know your thoughts, comments and suggestions on such posts and whether you would love to continue reading them in the future.

À tout à l’heure, lovelies.



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